Grammer Industries specializes in the safe, reliable transportation of a wide variety of bulk hazardous materials. Grammer’s modern, meticulously maintained fleet of specialty tankers transport anhydrous ammonia, liquefied petroleum gases, carbon dioxide, nitric acid and other bulk hazardous materials and liquids for an extensive array of agricultural and industrial customers.

Grammer is renowned in the trucking and transportation industry for our flawless reputation, our stellar service, our comprehensive safety program, and our customized technology solutions. We are able to operate a large, specialized tanker fleet by leveraging our knowledge of the tanker market. Our progressive tanker fleet includes the MC 331, MC 307, MC 312 and DOT 412 models. Using top-quality, modern equipment means you can count on a higher level of safety and reliability, with less downtime for maintenance.

Our customers operate in the fertilizer production, commercial agriculture/food production, power generation and chemical manufacturing industries. Leaders in these sectors know to call on Grammer when they need expert transportation services. Grammer’s professional, award-winning drivers will get your cargo delivered safely and on time, every time. All of our drivers undergo extensive training and exceed the standard requirements by DOT.


Grammer Industries is a leading hauler of anhydrous ammonia — agricultural, industrial, met-grade and aqua.

Anhydrous ammonia is a chemical made up of one-part nitrogen and three parts hydrogen. Ammonia gas is colorless and has a sharp, penetrating odor. “Anhydrous” means without water. When anhydrous ammonia comes into contact with any moisture, the water and ammonia rapidly combine. When injected into the soil, liquid ammonia expands into a gas and is quickly absorbed in the soil moisture. Similarly, in contact with eyes, skin or mucous membranes, ammonia will cause rapid dehydration and severe burns as it combines with the body’s moisture. Ammonia is also corrosive to certain metals, such as copper and zinc.

Grammer Industries has specialized expertise in handling the potentially dangerous properties of this chemical. Our tankers are specially fabricated for handling the high pressure and low temperature required by the DOT for hauling anhydrous ammonia. Because of the risks associated with handling anhydrous ammonia, the safety of our drivers and the general public is our top priority at all times.

Grammer’s Ammonia transportation expertise includes:

Industrial Anhydrous AmmoniaIndustrial Anhydrous AmmoniaThe industrial use of anhydrous ammonia is driven in part by utilities and power plants that use ammonia to decrease emissions of greenhouse gases. In addition, it is commonly used in the production of dry fertilizers. It is also used in household and industrial products for cleaning of glass, ovens, porcelain and stainless steel. It is particularly popular because it cleans with a streak-free finish. Industrial anhydrous ammonia is also used as a refrigerant for industrial equipment such as those used for hockey rinks and large commercial facilities. It may be used by pharmaceutical companies, paper makers, in mining operations, by fiber and plastics producers, as well as in ammines and nitric acid production. Transportation requirements demand the safe handling of this delicate material. Grammer’s industrial customers count on us to exceed their expectations when it comes to their industrial anhydrous ammonia hauling needs.


Liquified Petroleum Gas

One of Grammer’s most commonly transported products is liquefied petroleum gas — both propane and butane. Known for its versatility and efficiency, LPG is an attractive source of energy for commercial and industrial customers, as well as average consumers. LPG is primarily used in heating and cooking appliances, but it is also used in generator fuel, crop drying and in kilns and glass blowing. LPG is one of the most common alternative fuels used in the world today and is in demand during the fall and winter months, when heating needs are at their highest. Grammer operates specialty tankers capable of properly regulating the thermal expansion of this liquid chemical. Our customers are local and regional distributors, and they depend on our seasoned drivers to get their fuel where it needs to go on time and in the safest possible manner.


Nitric Acid

Grammer Industries is a leading transporter of nitric acid. We are expertly equipped for the specialized transportation considerations this chemical requires. Our drivers are thoroughly trained to haul this highly corrosive liquid in tankers specifically designed to resist corrosion and store the chemical at its required low temperature. Nitric acid can cause severe chemical burns and must be handled with driver and public safety in mind at all times.

Nitric acid is primarily used in the production of fertilizer and in metal refining. It is widely used in pickling stainless steel; metal cleaning, etching and engraving; nitrates and explosives production; and food and dairy processing. Grammer is the “house carrier” for two large fertilizer manufacturers, giving us the first right of refusal for all transport opportunities from select facilities. Our customers know they can rely on us to get their nitric acid shipment safely delivered every time.


Carbon Dioxide

Grammer Industries in an expert hauler of carbon dioxide. CO2 is a compressed gas or liquid used in pressurization and carbonation, and as an oxidizer for metals and a solvent for organic compounds. It is used in refrigeration, food additives/carbonation, fire extinguishers, mining/drilling operations and wastewater treatment.

Carbon dioxide is shipped to manufacturers in either solid form (dry ice) or in a liquid that is maintained under 300 PSI pressure in heavy steel tankers. Our specialty tankers are equipped to transport carbon dioxide at its required pressure and high temperature. Our drivers are well trained to safely and securely accommodate the unique properties of this chemical.



In addition to our specialized chemical transportation services, Grammer Industries offers a wide array of training and consulting services to various public and private customers. We consult on new installations, and provide piping and plumbing reviews and recommendations. We also offer safety awareness training, transportation and operations training, as well as customized training programs on various transportation issues.

A nationally recognized expert in safety, Grammer provides driver and tanker safety seminars and materials to both government agencies and private companies. Our extensive HAZMAT training programs are used by fire departments, DOT personnel and emergency response teams throughout the United States. We are dedicated to improving the specialty transportation and trucking industry by sharing our expertise on issues that affect hazardous chemical handlers and haulers nationwide.