Culture of Safety

At Grammer Industries, safety is our business. Our specialty trucking firm has an impeccable, 40-year history of safe driving, numerous industry awards and millions of accident-free miles. From strict industry and regulatory compliance to the latest technology and top-notch training, Grammer tirelessly works to ensure the safety of our drivers, our customers’ loads and the public at all times. Our comprehensive, structured safety program includes regular safety and maintenance field inspections of both our drivers and all our equipment. Our customized technology solutions allow us to exceed customers’ expectations while complying with all transportation regulatory agencies. When it comes to safety, our outstanding reputation speaks for itself. But at Grammer, we don’t simply rest on our history of safety success. We always strive for improvement in our safety operations, so we are continually evaluating our processes, systems and training methods to ensure they are the most up-to-date and effective in the industry.


Grammer drivers are among the most proficient and experienced in the transportation industry. We are committed to teaching our drivers how to recognize potentially hazardous situations in advance and to safely maneuver past them. One of Grammer Industries’s most important duties is to ensure the highest level of skill and professionalism in our drivers. That’s why we require each driver to complete an extensive orientation and training program, and require our driver’s to complete continuing education courses throughout their time on our team.

Grammer’s safety training program is so well-renowned that is has been adopted by fire departments, HazMat response teams, DOT personnel and various other emergency response personnel across the country. Grammer’s training program is also used by agricultural and industrial companies nationwide to training personnel in dealing with a wide array of hazardous materials scenarios.


As part of our ongoing safety initiatives, Grammer Industries abides by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) operations model. One component of this safety management program is a “CSA Scorecard,” which serves as a measure of a carrier’s safety performance. We believe that a comprehensive understanding of CSA is vital to maintaining and improving our scores. Grammer provides continuing CSA training, and our drivers’ scores are reviewed every month. Our scores are consistently among the best in our industry.


We know that your time and resources are valuable. At Grammer Industries we are committed to finding the most efficient and effective ways to meet your transportation needs. Grammer partners with Omnitracs, a Qualcomm company, for our mobile fleet management solutions. Omnitracs is a real-time driver and vehicle performance evaluation tool that allows Grammer to quickly locate all of our vehicles, track their movements, and view them on a standard or satellite-based map. This technology allows us to accurately calculate delivery times and monitor how long a vehicle spends at any location. Grammer also utilizes electronic drivers’ logs that assure the safe and automatic management of driving and work hours, in order to comply with the FMCSA’s Hours of Service rules. Grammer tractors are equipped with electronic log capability, enhancing our already safe, dependable service. Grammer’s computerized dispatch system gives dispatchers instant access to customer, driver, freight, previous load and current status information. Our online delivery tracking system allows our customers to view the status of their shipments 24/7. Grammer’s customers can also view their accounts online, dramatically decreasing the time between delivery and billing.